Thursday, May 15, 2014

Final Piece - Vessel

This week in sculpture, I completed my final piece of the year. I included intricate details of leaves and bark texture to decorate the home of my mushroom people. After a long year, I completed multiple projects, and I think this is one of the better ones. Hopefully, my mushroom people will feel at home! This is my final blog ever because next week we are just cleaning up. I have mixed feelings about this year's end to sculpture, but I'm really glad that my great teacher helped encourage me to create these projects to my best ability. I'm excited to take this course again next year as an advanced student.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Hole in Vessel

This week in sculpture, I worked on my vessel. I finished the actual construction of the whole vessel. Then, I created texture using bark from an actual tree. Finally, I carved a hole that will allow my mini mushroom people to be seen. I need to smooth the inner walls, but I like having some negative space. I will expand on this next week by adding carvings of leaves around the top edge. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Intricate Vessel

This week in sculpture class, I continued working on my vessel. I'm really happy with how it looks. Coiling each layer and slipping and scoring it on takes a lot of time and work which is why it is taking long. Soon, I can start detailing. Next week, I hope to finish up the coiling and add a top. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Tree Pot for Mushroom People

This week in sculpture, I started a new project. For this project, we are making a special pot. Last week, I made mushroom people. This week I am making a pot for them with tree details because I imagine them living in a tree. I'm creating the actual pot by coiling it. Then, I will I carve a big hole for the mushrooms to go in and some decorative holes around it. I hope to add some leaves and possibly bark texture for a tree effect. I'm really enjoying this project and look forward to continuing it.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mini Series

This week in sculpture, I began creating a series of small toadstool people. I created a woman, man, and child. I'm almost finished with them. All I need to do is add arms to the child and possibly facial expressions. I don't want them to look cartoonish, so a challenge will be decorating them in a non-cartoonish way. When these are finished, I will begin the new class project which I am yet to know about. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Translucent Paper and Painting

This week in sculpture class, I worked on finalizing my shoe. To hold the ashes that will be placed inside of it, I created translucent paper which I will later fold into an envelope. I will tie it with a string which I painted brownish-black and rubbed to make it look old. To make the paper translucent, I painted it with vegetable oil and hung it up to dry. It was a very simple process that will now allow people to see the ashes through the paper, so hopefully they get the idea. The goal of the envelope tied with an old string is to make the ashes seem forgotten like the Nazi's treated the Jewish people. I also mixed paint with water and added colors to certain burned pieces of the shoe. I'm looking forward to finishing this powerful project.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Almost Complete Shoe!

This week in sculpture, I almost finished my shoe. All that's left are the ashes which I will hopefully make and collect this weekend from my fireplace. I added the words "hope" and "love" to represent Anne Frank's beliefs of these things even when the world seemed to have no hope or love left. Not only that, I added an image from the movie "Shindler's List" of a girl in a red coat, representing individuality, in front of a Nazi guard. I am going to add a little red dye to her coat and some colored dyed to other pieces of the project. I can't wait to finish up next week!